About Us

Breanna McCormick - OWNER/Principal Broker/Realtor

Hello! My name is Breanna McCormick, Owner and Broker here at McCormick Legacy Estates Professional Realty: Breanna McCormick Signature Group. What sets McCormick Legacy Estates apart from the rest you may ask? 10% of ALL COMMISSIONS received are set aside for charitable donations structured to help people and communities near and far! This brokerage has the opportunity to be a vehicle for good so let’s do it! Why line the pockets of the “Big Box” companies when your commission fees can be used for a bigger purpose that truly makes a difference in someone’s life?! We are determined to leave a LEGACY!

From a marketing standpoint, McCormick Legacy Estates is very active on all main social media platforms and is superior in local networking connections. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are all used to give creative and effective exposure to your listing. Trend oriented, technologically savvy agents, are who will be representing you and your listing. What better way to market your home than with the most effective tools and proven marketing strategies?!

From a home buyers prospective you can expect nothing short of a custom tailored quality customer service experience, proactive, dedicated, willing to go the distance, agents. Why settle for mediocrity when you can work with people of passion, desire and drive!?

Let’s do this! Let US get YOUR property sold, let US get you into YOUR home. Let US help YOU make a change that helps US make a difference.